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Jen D.


I highly recommend Attorney Kenneth Anspach.  He is located in the Chicago loop.  My husband stumbled upon his information on Google.  He was the first lawyer we called and we did not look further after talking to him over the phone.  His area of expertise is environmental law, toxic tort, civil litigation, and insurance claims, civil and commercial litigation.  Our case was not in these areas but on product liability/injury case.  He won the case for us.  We felt a valued client and he took his time in explaining the details.  He is prompt in returning phone calls and emails. We are highly satisfied with his service.

Lauren S.


Ken and his team are AMAZING! I contacted Ken about an accidental life insurance policy after a family member passed away in a car accident. I was told by many other lawyers that I had no shot of winning this claim because the death certificate needed to be amended. Ken listened to everything we had to say and gathered all the necessary documentation prior to making the decision to see if he thought we would have a case. In a VERY timely fashion, he looked over all of the material and took on the case. There were many obstacles to overcome (mostly due to the COVID pandemic) and Ken and his team were very creative to get everything done in a timely matter. Not only was Ken able to get the death certificate amended but we WON the case. After receiving the letter from Ken, the insurance company sent out the check without any questions. Ken and his team are very efficient, dedicated and incredibly supportive. I would HIGHLY recommend Ken and his team if you are looking for a lawyer that truly goes to battle for you, thinks outside the box and knows how to get things done! Thank you so much Ken!

Harry T.

Ken knows his business. He works effectively with other attorneys and the government to get things done. Not only is he honest and fair, but his first thought is for his clients—which is a rarity in the legal profession.

Dave C.

Ken knows insurance recovery law but also the intangibles—such as when a carrier will settle even though there’s no case law to compel this. He has worked for us around the country, finding funds we didn’t know were available to us.

Judy A.

Ken is my go-to-guy. We switched from a larger environmental law firm to work with him. He does more than save us about $100,000 a year in fees. Ken is knowledgeable, patient, explains the law in plain English, and never wastes my time.

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