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Life Insurance Claims

If you have a life insurance claim or are a beneficiary under a life insurance policy and believe you are owed money under the policy, obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is essential, but the insurance process can be complicated to maneuver on your own. Working with an experienced Chicago life insurance claims attorney is the surest way to protect your rights and your claim.

Working closely with an experienced Chicago life insurance claims attorney is critical to helping guarantee that your family’s life insurance claim will be addressed fairly and that your beneficiaries will receive the funds they need to continue on the path toward healing. 

Common Complications

Some life insurance companies make it their policy to throw up roadblocks that thwart the payment process, and that makes it more difficult for beneficiaries to receive payment. Some areas of concern that are commonly associated with life insurance disputes include:

  • Changes made to the policy’s beneficiaries
  • Outright denials of coverage for the situation at hand
  • Life insurance policy exclusions, including the cause of death
  • Issues related to accidental death and dismemberment policies
  • Matters related to premiums paid by the insured party or by his or her employer
  • Cancellation of the policy by the insurer

Whatever concern is stalling your loved ones from collecting on your life insurance policy, a trusted life insurance attorney can help. 

Navigating the Claim Process

Navigating the path toward recovering on a life insurance policy after a loved one’s death is often riddled with complications. To make matters even more complex, there is frequently more than one policy with which to contend. The funds in these policies, however, are intended to help you navigate the journey toward healing, and they belong to you, as the beneficiaries. While the process can be daunting, a dedicated life insurance attorney has the deep understanding and skill necessary to help you successfully and efficiently navigate this rocky terrain. 

Reach out to a Dedicated Chicago Life Insurance Attorney Today

Life insurance is an important financial tool that is worthy of professional legal guidance. If you have life insurance concerns or have a life insurance claim, the practiced Chicago life insurance team at Anspach Law Office is committed to employing its considerable experience in pursuit of a favorable resolution to your life insurance matter. To learn more about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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