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Insurance Coverage Disputes

You purchase insurance coverage for one very important reason, and that is to cover your damages in the event of a loss. The idea behind insurance coverage is sound, but obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled can be a journey that requires the professional legal counsel of an experienced Chicago insurance coverage dispute lawyer

You Purchase Insurance in Good Faith

Insurance is expensive, but you pay the premiums in good faith that you will be covered in the event of property damage or damage related to any of the following categories of insurance:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Directors and officer liability insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance

While the goal is naturally to never be in the position of needing to bring a claim, if it does happen, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re covered. Unfortunately, however, insurance companies don’t always live up to their end of the bargain – with fair payouts that address your full range of covered damages. In fact, insurance providers are often quick to turn to all of the following to help avoid paying what they owe:

  • Legal loopholes
  • Ready-made excuses
  • Exceptions to the law

Facing an expensive property loss or liability claim and realizing that your insurance provider is not on your side can be an immense letdown, but a dedicated insurance coverage dispute attorney can help. 

The Insurance Company’s Bad Faith Efforts

Ultimately, the insurance company is a business that is motivated by profits, and the best way to increase profits is by decreasing payouts to claimants like you. Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith, and any of the following can amount to a lapse in this duty:

  • Delaying payment as a negotiating tactic, knowing that you are relying upon payment to meet your repair expenses
  • Denying a claim outright despite all evidence to the contrary
  • Knowingly misrepresenting pertinent facts about the claim or provisions about the policy
  • Failing to acknowledge or respond to communications from the claimant
  • Failing to pay the amount the provider acknowledges is owed
  • Attempting to settle the claim for less than it is reasonably worth
  • Failing to investigate appropriately or basing a claim denial on an improper investigation
  • Failing to affirm or deny insurance coverage for the claim in question within a reasonable amount of time since filing

To have acted in actual bad faith, the provider must go beyond a simple refusal to pay and must extend over into outrageous, vexatious, and/or unreasonable conduct. If, however, you can prove that the insurance provider did act in bad faith, you can recover on attendant damages – in addition to the amount of your original insurance claim. 

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If you have an insurance coverage dispute, the Chicago insurance coverage dispute team at Anspach Law Office is well-prepared and well-positioned to help. Our impressive experience skillfully guides every case we take on, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today. 

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