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Commercial Litigation

If you’re up against a commercial dispute that cannot be resolved through standard negotiations, the surest means of protecting your legal rights and your business’s best interests is via commercial litigation. Running a successful business requires concentrating on the mechanics of running it – not on the laborious process of battling out disputes in court. The trusted Chicago commercial litigation attorneys at Anspach Law Office appreciate your position and are fiercely committed to harnessing the full force of our experience and legal insight in our focused efforts to effectively and efficiently resolve your commercial dispute. 

Defending Your Business throughout the Litigation Process

Commercial legal disputes can take any number of forms, and each case is unique to the players and the circumstances involved. Most such disputes, however, can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Commercial lease disputes 
  • Disputes related to commercial loans
  • Disputes involving intellectual property
  • Disputes between shareholders or partners
  • Business and consumer fraud claims
  • Employment law cases 

If at least one of the parties involved is a business entity, the case is identified as commercial litigation. 

The Commercial Litigation Process in Illinois

Every commercial litigation case follows its own path, but the basic steps forward include the following:

  • The complaint is filed, and the party filing it – the plaintiff – must serve the other party – the respondent or defendant – with notice in the form of a summons. 
  • The defendant must respond to the complaint by either admitting or denying the allegations outlined, and at this juncture, they may file a counterclaim. 
  • The discovery phase of the trial commences, and this is when both sides immerse themselves in the facts of the case – while also making document requests, issuing subpoenas, scheduling depositions, issuing interrogatories, and requesting evidence admission.
  • After discovery, both sides may have disputed questions of fact to resolve.
  • From here, both sides can attempt to negotiate a settlement before heading to court. This generally involves considerable back and forth before mutually acceptable terms can be hammered out.  
  • Most commercial litigation claims are settled out of court, which is generally the less expensive and least time-consuming approach, and it allows the parties to retain decision-making authority over the matter. 
  • When the parties involved are either unable or unwilling to resolve the commercial litigation matter at hand, the case proceeds to trial, where each side presents its strongest case and leaves the final decisions to the court. 

Turn to an Experienced Chicago Commercial Litigation Attorney for the Help You Need Today

The formidable Chicago commercial litigation attorneys at Anspach Law Office have successfully guided an impressive number of complex commercial litigation cases toward highly favorable resolutions that highlight our legal skill, resources, and drive. We welcome the chance to also work with you, and we encourage you to reach out and contact us for more information about what we can do to help you today.

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