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Insurance Claims

If you have an insurance claim related to fire loss, storm loss, or any other kind of property damage, obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is essential, but the insurance process can be complicated to maneuver on your own. Working with an experienced Chicago insurance claims attorney is the surest way to protect your rights and your claim. 

Your Insurance Policy

You purchase insurance and pay the premiums in order to protect yourself in the event of property damage. While it’s understandable that you might turn to the insurance company after a loss, this approach may not lead to the fair compensation you seek. Your insurance provider is very likely to be in search of so-called weaknesses in your claim and to use these to chip away at your settlement amount. 

The Insurance Company

The insurance company that covers your property and assets is – first and foremost – a for-profit enterprise that is interested in increasing its profits and in decreasing its payouts. As such, your insurance provider has many tools at the ready to help it reduce your settlement offer, including:

  • Making an early settlement offer that doesn’t address your complete damages when you are not fully aware of your complete damages or that you accept to get a check as soon as possible
  • Making the process so complex and arduous that you give up out of utter frustration
  • Dragging out the process to the point that you simply give up
  • Attempting to deny coverage altogether

Many claimants take the insurance company at its word and drop the matter, accept less than a fair amount, or believe they have no right to pursue a better settlement. As a consumer, however, you do have rights. You purchased insurance to protect yourself, and you should hold the insurance company responsible for the protection you purchased. 

You Can Afford an Experienced Insurance Claims Attorney

If you have a significant insurance claim, don’t rely upon the insurance company to settle the matter fairly, and don’t settle for whatever the insurance company offers. While you may believe that you have no other options, the truth is that you can afford a dedicated insurance claims attorney, and you are well-advised to work with one. 

Working with an experienced attorney from the outset helps to ensure that your case moves in the right direction from the beginning. And if you do run into complications, your attorney will be up to speed regarding the elements of your claim and will be well-positioned to aggressively advocate for your fair payment. 

Most reputable insurance claims attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that your attorney won’t get paid until you are compensated by the insurance company – at which point, your attorney will receive a pre-arranged percentage. 

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Chicago Insurance Claims Attorney

Property damage is a serious matter, and the Chicago insurance claims legal team at Anspach Law Office is committed to crafting your strongest claim – in defense of your rights and in pursuit of your rightful payout. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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