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Environmental Law

Businesses are increasingly challenged in the struggle to stay on the right side of environmental issues. As our nation and its economy work toward a carbon-neutral future, the journey away from fossil fuels is not an easy one.

From business travel to display lighting, environmental codes and regulation are just the top among many issues of environmental concerns facing businesses today. Reputation risk for firms that don’t toe the environmental line, and potential fines and takings, threaten large and small businesses every day. Is your business ready to respond?

Environmental Law Overview

Once a narrow focus on land use and related applications, environmental law is now fundamental to virtually any business transaction. Your investors and customers want to be sure you’re treating the planet carefully – and now so does the Securities and Exchange Commission. You have to be sure you’re making environmentally friendly products, using environmentally friendly resources, and selling and distributing them in ways that don’t harm the environment. 

We Handle the Tough Issues

At the Anspach Law Office, we have spent years successfully representing companies in various environmental law disputes. We have also defended firms accused of environmental misconduct and understand how critical solving your case quickly and efficiently can be. 

We understand environmental law and how to help you understand and comply with the same thing. Whether working to protect the land, air, water, or earth or to help you understand how to help your business do so, we concentrate on environmental issues faced by businesses large and small.

Environmental law aims to protect the natural environment from damage and degradation caused by humans. Since the beginnings of modern environmental law in the last century, remedies have moved from the common law of trespass and nuisance to a broad and growing body of environmental legislation. 

Whether you need help defending litigation or a regulatory investigation, the Anspach Law Office can help you. We have successfully defended clients facing hazardous waste liabilities and defended a dry cleaner facing cleanup liabilities in a developer suit about a known polluted building site. 

We can also help you and your business avoid environmental law issues. Developing and implementing sound environmental law policies, procedures, and compliance programs is the best way to avoid most environmental law issues. As other regulatory agencies expand their scopes to include environmental issues, we can help you to avoid problems in these newer areas as well. 

Speak with an Environmental Lawyer Today

As a metropolitan region of great scope and age, Chicagoland offers unique environmental issues to its local businesses. Property owners and businesses in Chicago’s wide range of industries and throughout the area face challenging environmental issues, often of long standing. Anspach Law Office can help you effectively and efficiently respond to environmental challenges. Representing businesses and individuals confronted by complex environmental issues, we bring a unique experience and perspective to your environmental law challenges. Let us help you to respond! 

Contact Anspach Law Office today or call us at 312-407-7888 for an initial consultation on your environmental law issues.

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