Three Reasons To Consult A Lawyer For Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim

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Three Reasons To Consult A Lawyer For Your Fire Damage Insurance Claim

If you experienced a fire that damaged or destroyed your house, you expect to rely on your insurance company to cover such a matter.  However, sometimes insurance companies don’t like to comply with the terms of the contractual relationship they have with their customers and may make it difficult to obtain the insurance proceeds you are entitled to for your loss.  

Fire damage insurance claims can be especially tricky because it is sometimes hard to tell how the fire started and whether or not you are at fault. Although the insurance company will often cover some of the fire damage, they may not cover other damage to your home or provide full benefits for repairs. Thus, fire coverage from an insurance company generally falls short of the protective expectations the insured expects from their policy.  

If you need assistance with a fire damage claim, there are several reasons to contact an insurance claims attorney right away. 

Damage Can be Complicated

The aftermath of a fire doesn’t just include fire damage, but also the aforementioned water damage, the damage caused by smoke, and the need for reconstruction of the home. An insurance company is likely to try to pay for as few of these issues as possible, and it can become complicated trying to get coverage for all fire-related damage.

That is why you need an attorney to help you navigate the often too complex process of filing a fire insurance claim and getting the insurance money you are entitled to. The insurance company may undercompensate you for the damage caused by the fire or deny your claim, and you will need an attorney to help enforce your insurance policy contract against such actions. 

Avoiding Delays

Insurance companies may also not act with any sense of urgency and may drag their feet on processing your claim. They commonly use this tactic as a way to get claimants to accept a minimal offer. If you have to wait for your settlement offer, or the insurer makes multiple requests for extensive documentation, you might be ready to accept anything they will offer. 

Do not fall for this tactic – instead, contact a fire insurance claims lawyer as soon as you recognize that delays are occurring. 

Appealing Claim Denials

If your claim is denied in whole or part, you want a lawyer on your side immediately. A lawyer can help by first reviewing your insurance policy to find out if the insurance company has any justifiable reason for denying your claim. Then, the lawyer can investigate the cause of the fire and compare it to exclusions contained in your policy. 

Finally, after all this, the right lawyer can begin negotiating with the insurance company to reverse your denial. This might involve providing additional evidence or questioning the way the insurance company interpreted your policy language. If needed, a lawyer can file a lawsuit seeking the fire benefits you deserve. 

Speak with an Illinois Fire Insurance Claims Attorney Today

At the Anspach Law Office, we are dedicated to helping people with their disputes against their insurance company following fire damage. Don’t fight the insurance companies alone – enlist us to help you get the insurance settlement you are entitled to.  Contact us today either online or by calling 312-407-7888.  

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