Disputing a Denial or Settlement Offer on your Home Insurance Claim

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Disputing a Denial or Settlement Offer on your Home Insurance Claim

You purchase and consistently pay for home insurance for one very important reason – to protect your family’s home. If you have run up against a claim that has been denied or is being disputed, it’s not only disheartening but can also be a major financial blow that should not be ignored. If this is the situation you find yourself in, reach out to an experienced Chicago home insurance claims attorney today. 

Know Your Home Insurance Policy

If your home has suffered some kind of damage, the first step in the recovery process is understanding your home insurance policy. The fact is that not every homeowner policy in the State of Illinois covers every kind of damage. For example, most policies do not cover damage caused by floods or earthquakes, which typically require additional policies of their own. Once you have established that your policy covers the category of damage you’ve experienced, note the amount of coverage you’ve purchased. If the insurance company gives you problems at this juncture, a dedicated Chicago home insurance claims attorney can help. 

Clarify the Matter

If your home insurance claim has been denied or the settlement amount is too low, you’ll want the insurance company to clarify its reasoning. Your questions for the claims manager – whom you should speak to directly – should address the following:

  • The exact reason your claim was denied
  • How the insurance company arrived at the settlement amount it did

If this doesn’t resolve the issue you’re having, it is within your rights to request that another insurance adjuster be sent out to provide a second opinion on the matter. Clear and open communication is critical at this stage – without a comprehensive understanding of your claim, you can’t make the well-informed decisions you’ll need to make moving forward. 

The Right to Appeal

If the insurance company denies your claim or offers you too little in a settlement, it is your legal right to appeal its decision, which typically involves a standardized process that includes a time limit. In order to bring your strongest case, you’ll want to gather all the relevant information and documentation, including:

  • The details related to the incident in question, including dates, the damage sustained, and your efforts to prevent damage in the first place
  • Any witness statements related to the incident
  • Proof that you took all necessary steps to help prevent the incident and ensuing damage to your home.

The surest way to protect your investment in your home and to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled is by working closely with a practiced home insurance claims attorney. 

An Experienced Chicago Home Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help

If you have a home insurance claim that has been denied or that the insurance company is attempting to settle for less than the claim’s worth, the seasoned Chicago home insurance claims attorneys at Anspach Law Office are standing by to help. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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