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You purchase an insurance policy to be prepared and protected in case some misfortune occurs and harms or destroys one of your major assets, such as your house, car, boat, or business. The entire insurance system is supposed to be simple – you pay insurance premiums to get covered by a policy, and when damage occurs to the insured property, the insurance company provides benefits to cover the costs of repairing the damaged property or replacing it. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a knack for complicating the process.  

Insurance companies frequently dispute whether or not a policyholder is actually entitled to the policy settlement they request to cover the damage to the insured property. Insurance does not come cheap, and one pays the premiums in good faith to ensure that you will have the coverage you need, when you need it. When an insurance company decides not to act in good faith or to otherwise delay or deny a claim, you need the help of an insurance dispute attorney in Chicago. The Anspach Law Office is ready to help. 

Common Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay out fair sums of money to cover the damage to your property or business. This is because these companies profit more when they pay less on claims. They are quick to turn to tactics like using loopholes in the law, ready-made excuses, and exceptions to the law or policy terms to avoid being responsible for paying out in accordance with your policy.  

Your insurance company, however, owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing under the law. This duty can be breached when they take certain manipulative or deceitful actions, such as: 

  • Delaying payments as a negotiation tactic, knowing you are relying on the necessary benefits, and hoping delays will convince you to settle for less.
  • Denying claims outright despite evidence to the contrary.
  • Knowingly misrepresenting pertinent facts or provisions about your policy in regard to the claim.
  • Failing to pay the amount the provider acknowledges is owed.
  • Failing to investigate a claim properly or basing a claim’s denial on a poor investigation.
  • Failure to affirm or deny an insurance claim within a reasonable time of its filing.  

There are other tactics like this that insurance companies can engage in to breach this duty of good faith and fair dealing. If you are dealing with issues like this with an insurance company, you need a lawyer and law firm with experience handling these kinds of cases.  

The right insurance disputes attorney can review what has been happening with your claim and identify the best course of action to obtain the benefits you need and deserve.

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At the Anspach Law Office, we know how insurance companies work to take advantage of claimants, and we fight for the rightful insurance benefits that our clients are entitled to under their policies. Contact us today either online or by calling 312-407-7888, so we can assess your situation and protect your rights.

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