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Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorney Chicago

Your home may be the greatest asset you have, and you reasonably expect your homeowner’s insurance provider to deliver benefits when harm comes to your home. When policyholders pay their premiums and honor their side of the insurance contract, they expect the provider to reciprocate.

Unfortunately, homeowners insurance claims do not always go as smoothly as they should. If you have experienced bad-faith tactics by an insurer or simply want help fighting for fair compensation, a Chicago homeowners insurance claim attorney from Anspach Law Office is ready to help today.

Experiencing Delays, Denials, or Other Bad-Faith Tactics? Let a Lawyer from Anspach Law Office Help

In an ideal scenario, a homeowner who suffers property damage submits their claim, works with the claims adjuster, and receives a check for the money they deserve. However, few homeowners insurance claims in Chicago unfold in an ideal manner.

Instead, those who file homeowners insurance claims in Chicago too often face the following:

  • Denial of the claim: Denying your claim is the worst possible outcome, as it means the insurance company is failing to provide any compensation for your losses. So, while you may face thousands of dollars in damage, the insurance company is unwilling to pay you anything.
  • Underpayment of losses: Even if an insurance company agrees that you have a valid homeowners claim, it may claim that certain losses are not covered. Or, the insurer may dispute your calculation of losses. In either case, the insurance company may try to pay you less than you deserve. 
  • Delays: An insurance company may delay processing or paying your claim for several reasons. For one, an insurer may offer a lowball settlement and then delay taking further action, hoping that you will eventually cave and accept its offer.
  • Other bad-faith tactics: If insurance companies resort to deception, twisting of your words, breach of contract, or any other bad-faith tactics, we’ll work to hold them responsible for these unacceptable actions.

Though the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI) works to regulate insurance companies’ behaviors, there is much gray area in the insurance industry. Anspach Law Office works to fight for policyholders who are the victims of bad-faith insurance practices, even when those practices don’t rise to a criminal level.

How Our Firm Will Help with Your Homeowners Claim in Chicago

Our team will fight to get the insurance benefits you deserve. We’ll also work to get compensation for any additional hardship that an insurance company has caused you. 

The team at Anspach Law Office will:

  • Review your homeowners’ insurance policy
  • Survey the losses for which you filed an insurance claim
  • Calculate the total cost of your losses
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Take additional legal action if the insurer refuses to pay you fairly

Insurance companies do not always act in your best interest, but Anspach Law Office will.

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You deserve the homeowner’s benefits you paid for. A homeowners insurance claim attorney from Anspach Law Office will work hard to see that you get those benefits. Contact Anspach Law Office today for a free consultation about your claim and how we can help.

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