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Environmental law is a broad and complicated area of the law that impacts many corporations, companies, and businesses. As the regulations and codes imposed by environmental law continue to expand, remaining in compliance becomes that much more critical. If you are facing an environmental law issue or have related questions and concerns, don’t wait to reach out for the professional legal guidance of an experienced environmental attorney in Chicago.

Costly Claims

Even alleged environmental law violations can be exceedingly costly – in addition to interfering with your business’s forward momentum. Businesses, agribusiness firms, farmers, and municipalities can all face violation claims that stem from any of the following:

While staying in compliance with the complicated web of evolving requirements and restrictions is challenging and costly, failing to do so or fighting a claim of noncompliance is likely to be more so. Whatever your situation – whether you’re focusing on strengthening your compliance or are actually facing a claim against your organization – a dedicated Chicago environmental attorney can help.

A Proactive Approach  

When it comes to protecting your company and remaining in compliance with all applications of environmental law, taking a proactive approach is always in your best interest. Having a seasoned environmental law attorney in your corner can help to ensure that you’re well equipped to handle every stage of the permitting process, including:

  • Risk assessment in your unique circumstances
  • The preparation and review of your environmental impact studies
  • Comprehensive compliance
  • Skilled representation before state and local agencies

The objectives are threefold, including:

  • Strengthening your compliance 
  • Obtaining the state and local approvals you need as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Minimizing the legal risk to your business

When Litigation Is Necessary 

Taking a focused, proactive approach in terms of environmental law is always the best policy, but litigation – in defense of your legal rights – is sometimes a necessity. This makes having a savvy environmental attorney with extensive experience successfully litigating complicated cases like yours on your side imperative. Your attorney will help you build your strongest and most effective defense against the claim levied – in focused avoidance of penalties and sanctions (or zealous pursuit of minimized penalties and sanctions) – allowing your business to continue thriving while remaining in complete compliance with all applicable environmental law rules, regulations, and restrictions.  

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Environmental Attorney in Chicago

Remaining in compliance with the ever-evolving environmental law codes and regulations is no easy feat, and if you’re facing a claim of noncompliance, the matter is that much more challenging. If you have concerns related to your business and environmental law compliance, the distinguished environmental attorneys at Anspach Law Office in Chicago understand the gravity of the matter and are well prepared to help you not only strengthen your compliance efforts but also definitively address any noncompliance allegations you face. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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