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Denied Insurance Claim Attorneys Chicago

Insurance companies act as a gatekeeper when it comes to your legal rights after suffering an injury or damages. You may be dealing with a variety of insurance companies, including:

  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Life insurance

If you receive a denial of any type of claim, you need help from a denied insurance claim attorney in Chicago. 

The Insurance Company Playbook Is Always the Same

Even if they insure different things, at their core, all insurance companies operate in the same way. They do not like to pay claims, even though it is what they theoretically promise to do. These companies make it as difficult as possible for claimants throughout the process, hoping to throw up enough roadblocks to keep them from getting money. It does not matter whether you are the policyholder or you are collecting because of what someone else did. The modus operandi is all the same. 

One of the biggest hurdles that an insurance company can force you to overcome is when they completely deny your claim and refuse to pay. Of course, they cannot deny your claim in bad faith because that opens them up to a lawsuit, but they can usually come up with some reason why they will not pay. At the very minimum, it will force you to fight if you want a check.

You Can Always Take Your Case to Court

The insurance company has some power in the process, but it is not unlimited by any means. They have a legal obligation to pay certain claims as part of the deal when they provide insurance. While their adjusters may have made a decision, it is not final. The insurance company is not the judge and the jury. There is an actual judge and jury that would make the final decision once you have filed a lawsuit for the damages that the insurance company is supposed to pay. 

Many people shy away from lawsuits against an insurance company because they do not feel that they can win. This is not the case. While an insurance company has lawyers and years of experience, you can level the playing field by hiring an attorney with a track record of holding insurance companies accountable when they deny claims. If your case goes to court, the jury will look at the language of the contract and the merits of your case. While the insurance company seems powerful, they are just the same as any other defendant in court.

It is difficult to take on an insurance company on your own. They have lawyers and an entire framework in place that is designed to make things as difficult as possible for you. However, an experienced attorney can help you level the playing field as you seek what you legally deserve. 

Speak with Denied Insurance Claim Attorneys in Chicago

If your insurance claim has been denied, you do not have to walk away with nothing. Call the Anspach Law Office at (312) 407-7888 or contact us online to speak with an insurance claims attorney who knows how to put pressure on the insurance companies. 

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