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If you are a beneficiary under a life insurance policy that is owed a payout, you deserve to obtain the benefits you expect under the policy terms. Nevertheless, the insurance process is complex and challenging to navigate by yourself, as many obstacles can arise. The best way to protect your rights and claim is to work with an experienced Chicago life insurance claims attorney.

By working closely with a knowledgeable Chicago life insurance claims attorney, you will help ensure that your life insurance claim will be assessed and paid fairly. It will also help guarantee that all beneficiaries receive the funds they need while continuing on the long path toward healing after a difficult loss.

Common Complications

Life insurance providers can be notorious for putting up roadblocks throughout the claims process, which makes it very difficult for beneficiaries to receive their payouts. Some of these problem areas that are common in life insurance disputes include: 

  • Changing the beneficiaries under the policy
  • Coverage denials
  • Policy exclusions involving the cause of death
  • Accidental death or dismemberment policies
  • Premium payments by the insured or their employer
  • Policy cancellation
  • Delays for no apparent reason

Regardless of the problem that is preventing you or your loved ones from collecting on a life insurance policy, a trusted life insurance claims attorney can help.

Navigating the Claim Process

The path toward recovering on a life insurance policy following a loved one’s death is often difficult to maneuver and filled with complications. To make matters worse, there is usually more than one policy that requires settlement. As a beneficiary, you are entitled to the funds in these policies that are vital to navigating the journey toward healing and recovery, and insurers should not stand in your way.

While the process can seem daunting, a supportive life insurance claims attorney has the understanding and skills to successfully guide you every step of the way.

How a Life Insurance Attorney Can Help

At Anspach Law Office, we understand how difficult it is to have a life insurance claim be denied. Our firm has decades of experience representing clients and helping them achieve successful outcomes. When you enlist our help, we can aid you in the following ways:

  • Assisting in properly filing claims
  • Evaluating insurance provider denials
  • Assessing employer miscommunications about coverage
  • Examining your life insurance policy and revisions
  • Preparing your claim 
  • Guiding you through the appeals process
  • Filing a lawsuit if necessary

You should never feel like your case is not worth pursuing or can’t be won. Our experience proves otherwise. Our firm is committed to taking on insurance companies and helping you obtain your denied life insurance benefits. 

Speak with a Life Insurance Attorney in Chicago Today

Life insurance is an important and complex financial tool that necessitates legal counsel. If you have concerns about your life insurance policy or have a life insurance claim, the team at Anspach Law Office is committed to successfully resolving your life insurance case whenever possible. To learn more about how we can help, please reach out through our online contact form

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