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The death of a family member or relative is traumatic and difficult. If that individual was relied upon to provide financially, the economic survival of those left behind is in danger. 

That’s why life insurance exists. Buying a life insurance policy is a decision to defend the beneficiaries from financial ruin if the worst should occur. The family expects that the insurer will pay the agreed-upon benefit in exchange for the months and years of paying the premiums. And the family trusts that their pain and trauma won’t be added on to by the chance of losing their house or not being able to send their kids to college. 

Life insurance is not just for families. Life insurance policies are also commonly utilized by businesses to defend themselves monetarily in the event of the death of a partner, executive, or worker. 

But insurance companies will not pay the death benefit if they think they can get away with it. And they can be extremely creative in trying to do so. If that occurs, understand that you don’t have to fight alone for the benefits you need and deserve. Our firm has fought every tactic these companies attempt. With the help of our Chicago life insurance claim lawyer, you’ll have a much better chance of a successful outcome

Ways The Insurer Will Try to Deny You

Depending on the case and the company in question, the family or business may encounter one or more of the following insurance ploys: 

  • Retroactive Cancellation: The insurance company will contend that the policy was expired, null, or not paid for before the death.
  • Death Doesn’t Qualify: The company will claim that the way the policyholder who died is not covered.
  • Misrepresentation: It will contend that the policyholder misrepresented essential facts about themselves in the agreement, thus voiding the policy. 

This is not an exhaustive list. Insurance companies are very creative because denying claims means more cash stays in their pocket.

Competing Claims

Along with denied claims, other issues can arise with life insurance. Oftentimes, there can be a competing-claims dispute between a newly added beneficiary and the claimant or a beneficiary who has been taken off of the policy and still seeks a claim. Whether an ex-spouse, new spouse, a kid, stepchild, acquaintance, or business partner, these circumstances can be difficult. Choosing the rightful beneficiary and establishing their claim successfully can be costly, hard, and lonely. Our firm fights to get our clients the benefits they deserve and need

How We’ll Battle for You

To start, an insurance recovery attorney in Chicago at our firm will review your case. In many of our cases, we can force the insurance company to pay our attorney fees and costs if we win.

Your insurance company won’t be thrilled to know you’ve hired us. We have a hard-earned reputation for being willing to do whatever it takes for our clients, including going to trial if we must. 

Consult with a Life Insurance Claim Lawyer Today

Our experts and investigators will exhaustively go through the details, circumstances, and fine print of your case and insurance agreement. Excuses and unfounded assertions will fade away, and your chances of getting your benefits will significantly improve. Contact us today to schedule your case consultation with a Chicago life insurance claim lawyer.

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