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If you have an insurance claim, it means that you have experienced a loss, damage, or liability of some sort and that you are going through a difficult experience. While it is a good feeling to know that you have the appropriate insurance policy in place, it can be disheartening to find that the insurance company is not necessarily interested in paying you the amount to which you are entitled. A dedicated Chicago insurance claim lawyer, however, will use the full force of his or her experience to skillfully advocate for your rights in pursuit of fair payment.   

Your Insurance Coverage

You pay hefty insurance premiums so that you’re fully covered in the event that something like this – whatever it is – happens. You’re covered, right? While you did, indeed, pay for robust coverage, insurance companies are driven by profits, and when they find a way to increase these profits – by paying out less than is fair – they tend to avail themselves of these opportunities, which often come in the form of legal loopholes, legal exceptions, and prepackaged excuses. The insurance company is adept at bulldozing vulnerable clients like you, but with a formidable insurance claim lawyer on your side, your claim stands a much better chance of prevailing. 

The Insurance Company Has Its Own Tactics

Your insurance provider understands that you need your payout sooner rather than later – in order to address your mounting claim-related expenses. As such, one unscrupulous practice is delaying the claims process as a negotiation tool that is intended to pressure you into accepting less than you are owed. Another tack is to get lost in the labyrinthian language of the insurance policy itself, which makes it easy to confuse claimants (regarding the provisions included therein). In other words, the insurance company tends to see itself as having all the power, but a resourceful insurance claim lawyer can effectively and efficiently change this power dynamic. 

Additional strategies that insurance companies like to employ include:

  • Failing to respond to or even to acknowledge your communications
  • Attempting to settle your claim for less than is reasonable
  • Acknowledging that you are owed a specified amount but failing to pay you
  • Using inappropriate investigative techniques regarding your claim or failing to investigate your claim appropriately
  • Failing to either refuse or affirm your coverage within a reasonable amount of time (pursuant to filing)

While the insurance company may be aggressive in its denial or diminishment of your claim, this does not mean that it has the last word on the matter. 

Don’t Put off Consulting with an Experienced Chicago Insurance Claim Lawyer

If you have an insurance claim, you are not a prisoner of the insurance company’s whims; the meticulous Chicago insurance claim lawyers at Anspach Law Office are standing by to help. We have earned our impressive reputation by consistently helping clients just like you obtain fair insurance claim resolutions. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

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